Dear defendchrist

It is incumbent to know that one of the most important characteristics of the day of judgement per the Quran is the fact that it will come upon the people suddenly.This is attested to by many verses in the Quran. In sura 101, it is referred to as the ”pounding one” which essentially means that it will come as suddenly as an unexpected knock on your door. The prophet(p) is also directed to respond thus,”perhaps, it is close by,” when the pagans,”….ask you concerning the day of resurrection…” The reason why the specific time was not revealed to the prophet was to create a sense of urgency in the hearts of muslims and keep them on their toes concerning the perfomance of the injunctions imposed on them by Islam. ”strive as in a race towards all that is good…” Hence, the usage of the term ‘soon’ in the hadiths you listed about Jesus(p) descending towards the end of the world, only serves for the purpose of urgency. Imagine what would have ensued if Allah had revealed to His messenger to tell the people that Jesus will not descend until thousands of years have elapsed. The Quraish would have laughed it off and even some muslims would have lost utterly, their enthusiasm to fight for the cause of Allah(swt). They would have said,”Muhammad only says this because he definitely knows none of it will happen, so he postponed it to a time when we are all dead and gone.” Hope I have satisfactorily addressed your concern. -wassalam